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1) OUR COMPANY assign persons employed to perform the services. The manpower shall be selected on the basis of their integrity, competence and ability to provide services.

2) The manpower employed by OUR COMPANY for rendering services shall work under the supervision and control of OUR COMPANY only.

3) Employees for Housekeeping/Security shall wear formal uniforms and carry laminated photo identity cards issued by OUR COMPANY.

4) Before commencement of services, OUR COMPANY shall forward the list of employees to concerned authorities in your organization and seek approval for the same.

5) OUR COMPANY shall comply with all statutory requirements like ESI, PF, Uniforms etc. Any decrease or increase in the percentage of PF & ESI contributions announced by Govt. Of India shall be passed on to your organization and same will be amended in the work order.

6) The material used during housekeeping services provided by OUR COMPANY shall be supplied against the actual cost of the material or otherwise the material shall be provided by your organization.

7) The billing for rendered services used shall be submitted on monthly basis which will also include the service charges towards OUR COMPANY

8) Payments shall be released with in ten working days from the date of receiving the bill.

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